Research Update: Week 4

I have finally completed all of the interviews which totals to 14 patients and roughly 41 responses. I have documented all of the responses and added them to my paper verbatim. The interviews were rather short for each person but finding patients with the patient coordinators was rather time consuming. I planned to do about 2 hospitals each afternoon and succeeded in terms of keeping up with my goal, but travel was rather taxing. 

I interviewed 4 patients in Jericho, 5 in Marston and 5 in Cowley to try and get an even split of patients. The patients participated in answering all the questions, except for one patient who had to leave for his appointment and could not answer 2/3 questions. This meant that although our patient sample size was small, we gained a lot of data and response despite the short amount of time we had to work with. 

Here are some common responses to each question that I had gotten. I will expand more on these responses and try to find trends and correlations. Also, I will publish the entire transcript of the interview in the paper so that readers can also see a wide variety of responses regarding each question. 

Question 1: “How did you choose to come to this clinic today? Through NHS pathways or were you assigned to this clinic?”

Common responses for this question were…

– Patients used NHS pathways

– Patients chose Jericho because it looked like a good facility

– Patients chose Nuffield because it is a reputable clinic affiliated with the University

– Patients chose clinics that were closer to their residence

Question 2: “Have you visited any other clinics in the Oxford area? If so, how do they compare with this clinic?”


– Most patients have not visited another clinic

– Some patients transferred from Cowley 

– Some patients prefer Jericho clinic over other clinics

Question 3: “Would you rather go to a clinic in an expensive neighborhood or an economically disadvantaged neighborhood? Why?”


– Some patients said that all NHS clinics are the same

– Expensive neighborhood clinics because they have better technology

– Expensive neighborhood clinics because they are newer


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