Research Update: Week 3

This week’s focus has mainly been on gathering resources that will aid me in the interview process of the project. The main focus was to prepare the questions for the interviews. But before making the questions, I wanted to understand how other research groups approached patients in a hospital setting. One thing to consider is whom to approach and how to approach them, because patients may be dealing with many problems or may be under immense amounts of stress. In order to understand proper “interview etiquette” in a hospital setting, I took a look at the following books and more in the Bodleian and Radcliffe Science Libraries.

1. Exceptionally good? Positive experiences of NHS care and treatment surprises lymphoma patients: a qualitative interview study. – Ziebland, Evans

2. Methods of data collection and analysis for the economic evaluation alongside a national, multi-centre trial in the UK: conventional ventilation or ECMO for Severe Adult Respiratory Failure (CESAR). – Thalanany, Mugford

Some other points I found regarding interview etiquette were…

– Patient interview cannot be held in the Surgery, ER, ICCU, or Oncology units

– Patient coordinators have to be present during all interviews

– Patients must sign consent forms for the interviews

Thus accordingly the consent form was made and I contacted patients coordinators at all the clinics I plan to visit and interview at. 

After creating some notes about how to approach and communicate with patients, I started to formulate the questions I will be asking. The following are the questions I plan to ask: 

Question 1: “How did you choose to come to this clinic today? Through NHS pathways or were you assigned to this clinic?”

Question 2: “Have you visited any other clinics in the Oxford area? If so, how do they compare with this clinic?”

Question 3: “Would you rather go to a clinic in an expensive neighborhood or an economically disadvantaged neighborhood? Why?”

Unfortunately, I had a minor injury to my ankle on Wednesday evening, and could not conduct interviews as planned. But this extra time gave me the opportunity to contact human resources and physician coordinators based in the following hospitals, in order to further streamline the interview process and eliminate any paperwork or hurdles that may arise the day of.

  1. Jericho Health Centre
  2. John Radcliffe Hospital
  3. Nuffield Health
  4. The Manor Hospital
  5. The Churchill Hospital
  6. Warneford Hospital and Clinic
  7. Bartholomew’s Medical Centre

Finally I did some research on the NHs system itself through a variety of different resources at Radcliffe Science Library including, but not limited to..

“The National Health Service”. 2005. Web.

“The NHS in England.” About the National Health Service (NHS) in England. Department of Health UK, n.d. Web. 20 Aug. 2014.

Millard, Peter H. National Health Service. London: National Pensioners Convention, 2001. Print.

The Impact of the Built Environment on Care within A&E Departments. London: TSO, 2004. Print.

“Health and Social Care Information Centre (hscic).” About NHS Pathways. HSCIC, n.d. Web. 20 Aug. 2014.

“Health and Social Care Information Centre (hscic).” Benefits. Department of Health UK, n.d. Web. 20 Aug. 2014.

These resources gave me a thorough knowledge of the formation of NHS, how it evolved from 1948 to present day, and some of the pro’s and con’s associated with the system. I plan to talk about this framework and evolution of the NHS in my paper as a way to give background about the system itself prior to analyzing the actual system. This way readers have a better knowledge of what I am referring to in my analysis in the latter portions of my research paper. 


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