Exploring Topics of Research

NHS v. ACA. A comparative analysis of each programme 

I plan to assess, in an unbiased manner, the healthcare systems of the United States and England. The United Kingdom itself does not have an extensive health plan, but individual countries such as England and Scotland have their own respective organizations. The English healthcare system is the National Health Service (NHS). I would like to compare and contrast NHS with the Affordable Care Act health coverage plan recently set in the United States. In the process, I hope to focus in on the positives of both plans and perhaps hybridize them into another plan that may in fact be better than the present plans in place.

Pro’s of the National Health Service: https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/department-of-health


Con’s of the National Health Service: http://article.wn.com/view/2014/04/27/Hospitals_in_England_failing_to_provide_safe_care_have_tripl_p/

Pro’s of the Affordable Care Act: http://www.mass.gov/eohhs/feature-story/top-10-reasons-why-the-affordable-care-act-is-good.html

Con’s of the Affordable Care Act: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dr-john-jackson/why-the-affordable-care-a_b_4082251.html


More specifically I would like to understand what sort of political maneuvers were employed to pass these plans and to what degree medical science was considered during the respective parliamentary processes. Thereby, I will analyze the conjunction between two fields: politics and medicine. Some of the questions I will consider include: “How were practicing physicians and hospital administrators involved in the legislative process? What medical papers were quoted or cited in the debates leading up to the votes on these measures? How were the small hospital/clinic staff’s voices heard?” Using these questions, I would like to draw on the interplay between the humanities and sciences and understand how the two work hand in hand as well as repel each other. Although this single conjunction may not answer the age old debate between the humanities and sciences, it creates a path for further exploration into the debate.




5 thoughts on “Exploring Topics of Research

  1. Hi Pranav,
    It’s clear that this will be your focus, and it is a great topic. I wonder if you can respond to our assignment to define 2 areas of possible research by framing questions about health systems in 2 very different ways.
    For example, you could purse a much more ‘top down’ -policy centered approach that privileges facts, figures, projections etc. While another approach could be more ‘bottom up’ and really focus on the reactions of patients, doctors, nurses, administrators, etc.
    In the end you would want to address some aspects of both, but you cant really do equal justice to both in our short time abroad. So, try framing the questions first one way and then the other, and laying out two possible research plans with clear biases.
    more soon!

  2. HI Pranav,
    Great focus on a comparative study the health care systems. Two possible approaches -one ‘top down’ focusing on policy, implementation, statistics, etc. THe other ‘bottom up’ focusing on the experiences of patients, doctors, staff and administrators. In the end you will need to do some of both, but you should choose which approach will be your primary focus. Also curious if you had to name a second possible topic -what might it be? (we asked each of you for 2…)

    • Glad you brought this point up! I plan to take a more “bottom up” approach so that I can gain a “people’s perspective” regarding the issue. I am sure there are a lot of papers already published analyzing the “top down” approach as you had described. I wanted to view this project from a different angle. That being said, just as you had mentioned, I plan to address a bit of both approaches and hopefully present a well-rounded paper. But yes, the crux of the paper will be on patient experiences, physicians’ views on the subject and interactions with legislators (hopefully)!!

      If I were to choose a second topic, it would probably be evolution & DNA. I just finished learning about these two concepts in my biology class and so I wanted to analyze the roots of the concept of evolution and its relation with the discovery of DNA. Both are crucial events to the scientific world that mainly took place in the United Kingdom.

  3. Healthcare administration is such a rich topic for investigation, it’s fantastic that you want to get a feel for the public perception. I bet there are a lot of debates unique to such government-aligned systems, and you might also want to compare what the UK does differently from other countries that have socialized medicine, such as Denmark or Germany.

  4. I definitely like how you plan on going beyond just the debate and plan to potentially find a way of creating a more efficient health plan that contains aspects of plans currently in place.

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