Oxford City and University Demographics (Assignment 1)

The Streets of Oxford


Oxford City is part of the Oxfordshire county and has a population of roughly 150,000 people but is said to be growing rapidly as the population in 2021 will be 165,000 (Oxford City Council). The industry there is mainly tourism as Oxford “is the sixth most visited city in the UK” (Oxford City Council). Of course, the largest public sector industry is employment and research at the University of Oxford. The annual revenue of the city is about 770 million pounds. On the whole, Oxford is a rather well educated town. About 43% of its residents have either attempted or completed a college degree whereas the average for England is about 27%. About a quarter of Oxford residents are full-time students. 


The University of Oxford is actually not as large as some American universities. The number of students at the University is “22,000 including 11,772 undergraduates and 9,850 postgraduates” (University of Oxford). To put things into perspective, The University of California- Berkeley has more undergraduate students, 25,774, than Oxford does total students (Cal- Berkeley), Oxford is largely diverse as about 40% of its student body is of international citizenship in countries ranging from the United States to Singapore to India. The University of Oxford gets a large sum of money from endowments of about 686 million pounds and individual colleges receive more of their own. For example, one college has an endowment of roughly 1.5 billion pounds! The University of Oxford is undeniably one of the leading universities in the world and these numbers are absolutely mindboggling








2 thoughts on “Oxford City and University Demographics (Assignment 1)

  1. Thank you Pranav. The numbers you present put Oxford in perspective. I do wonder about how the university compares with US institutions in terms of public support and, given the large private endowments of many of its colleges, whether we would consider it a public or private institution in US terms. Please add specific citations for any images and tables you include.

    • Thanks for your comment. I thought it would be interesting to put numbers in perspective because just stating numbers is meaningless. I will attempt to be more thorough with citations for future assignments. Thanks!

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